Five Considerations Before Using a Brokerage EULA

Somewhere between a reseller and a publisher is an entity called a brokerage. A reseller sells products made by vendors; resellers provide shelf space and basic terms of sale of a package, and that’s about it. A publisher on the other hand, manages all aspects of product sales, support and sub-licensing, and from a customer perspective, the publisher is the sole source of the product, and the customer relationship exists between the customer and the publisher.

Then there is the brokerage, which is somewhere in between. There are all kinds of brokerages out there, but I am going to focus on the ones that broker content from creator artists, 3D designers and photographers and then license it to the end user – most specifically for 3D models, such as those provided by Meshbox Design. Brokerages own the customer relationship, and may require you to use their End User License Agreement on your product, as a condition of working with them.

At this point, I have to disclaim any and all claims that I am practicing law of any kind. I am not a lawyer. Anything resembling legal advice here isn’t legal advice. What I hope to provide though is some insight into using a license provided by a brokerage. Continue reading Five Considerations Before Using a Brokerage EULA