Is it time for some Raspberry PI?

Raspberry PI by the HandfulIt looks like Raspberry PI (and other low energy ARM-PC devices) aren’t just for hobbyists any more. Maybe it is time to take a bite?The X86 platform for many like myself is sort of like a second marriage to the one you dumped (or where dumped by) in high school. It was never quite ‘not there’ but not always desired for every task. I learned to love it like so many – with the release of Windows 95, and re-kindlings of romance with XP and Windows 10.

As a purveyor of development tools through Paradigma Software, customers who build applications using our standalone app components for database and reports, and even those deploying Valentina Server are telling us it is time for ARM support, and specifically for Raspberry PI. You can read a bit about this on the Paradigma Software forum discussion of Raspberry PI and Banana PI.

There certainly are some amazing prototyped products out there based on Raspberry PI, and there are signs that industrial and vertical use are flowering with the production of customized versions for that purpose.

And there’s nothing quite as motivating as getting customers asking for it.

Another discovery I made was that WebGL is also possible on the platform. I will have to give it a try with the OneRender browser based 3d scene design and cloud based rendering platform.

But yes – it is time.

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