Free 3D Character Chunk for Poser and DAZ Studio

Meshbox Design, which is a division of Proactive International has released a Poser and DAZ Studio compatible 3d character called Chunk™ over on Toon People. This is the first in a series of free 3d characters. Chunk is also a framework character in that it is the new core of the forthcoming Toon Santa 11 character – a 3d character made famous primarily for his status as an official Santa Claus for the NORAD Tracks Santa website. If it seems like my interest in free is really blooming – well – it is. Continue reading Free 3D Character Chunk for Poser and DAZ Studio

Zynga Extorts Employees of their Stock Options

As reported by C|net on a Wall Street Journal article, Zynga, the company that made its fortune on viral games on Facebook has been compelling its employees to give up their pre-IPO stock options or risk being fired. There’s a word for that that has nothing to do with every day business. It is comforting to some CEOs who find themselves in difficult situations to justify their actions by claiming it is for the good of the company. But this isn’t the same thing as mandatory lay offs, or mandatory salary reductions to avoid lay offs in a time of crisis. Continue reading Zynga Extorts Employees of their Stock Options

Valentina Office Server /5 is Now Free

Valentina Office Server is a combined database and enterprise ready reports server from Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software. Almost any individual or organization can now get a free copy of it -actually, up to three copies – one for each operating system: Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. With all the FOSS databases around, why Valentina? For one, you get an awesome reports server, and I have yet to come across a FOSS reports system to beat it. On the database end, Valentina is an extremely fast and modern columnar database. It can do so many things you won’t find in FOSS products.