My Political Post for 2012

To quote Charles M Schultz “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people… Religion, Politics, and The Great Pumpkin. ”  Since this Halloween and the Great Pumpkin is almost here, Ill take a momentary break and talk meta-politics. I will be as unpolitical about my politics as possible without actually talking politics.

When you talk politics, politicians, pundits – please do the following:

Stop employing absurd sensationalism like every other dumb-ass blogger

The sort of sensationalism that used to make you chuckle while reading tabloids at the grocery store checkout seems to be the norm now. At best, the only thing you can achieve by that is making those who agree with you anyway to laugh. Like a funny bumpersticker, it draws the eye. It also shows your utter contempt for the intelligence of anyone who is reading it. I don’t know anyone who changed their political views by seeing a bumpersticker.

Stop using broken child logic to support your cause, no matter how noble you feel it is

Voting one way or the other on a measure may remove funding about something you care about. If there’s a logical reason for a funding source to funding whatever it is funding, then that’s an easy way to convince people to vote the way you want. If there is no logical way to connect the two, then you are on weak ground – eventually those who are negatively affected by the ill-connected moneytrain will find a way to pull it, and when they do you it will likely be on their terms, not yours.

Stop trying to dress up hate and revenge; if you go that way, its what you will get back later

Hate and revenge are the way to support the claims of that which you oppose, and its something that will come back later. French history doesn’t seem to be much of a priority for anyone outside of France, however I can’t look at the political climate without thinking of the Reign of Terror. Yes, hating people you identify as haters is the same thing as being a hater yourself.

Stop ignoring the obvious for your own political ends, you craven bastards

No matter how big or small the race, there are third rail topics. No matter how much food, water and clothing you give to someone, if you are slowly cutting off their air supply the rest just doesn’t matter. And while some topics are sure to invite a world of hurt, along with the suggestion of a solution for the third rail topic, come up with a way to assuage the damage.

Avoiding specific political topics, you can assume I am a dumb-ass, craven bastard. I can live with that. Now go out and vote.

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